Captain Jack

Ex-Banker turned pirate, he dedicates his new life to creating great games for the community.


Quartermaster Car

Ex-Sales turned pirate, his passion lies in recruiting more pirates for gems in the MetaBays.

Tech Lead

Gunner Joe

Ex-CTO turned pirate, he has a habit to drink booze while nailing down smooth codes.

Community Manager

Cook Tim

Cook TimEx-viral content creator turned pirate, he writes creatives whenever he’s at sea - i.e. all the time.

Tokens & Assets







Q1 2022

  • DApp Launch (Feb 2022)
  • Connect Wallet - connect Binance Smart Chain compatible wallets
  • Claim NFTs - claim purchased loot box
  • My NFTs - view collections owned
  • Mobile App Version
  • Game Asset Activity (Feb 2022)
  • Pirates smart contract deployed on Binance Smart Chain
  • Pirates from loot box minted
  • Security audit on token and smart contract
  • Structural Revamp (Mar 2022)
  • Marketing materials and message revamp
  • Social channels revamp
  • Events and timeline revamp

Q2 2022

  • Alpha Game (Apr 2022)
  • PVP Pirate battle gameplay
  • Fully clickable turn based gameplay
  • Alpha game live on Binance Smart Chain
  • Pre-Game Token & NFT Sales
  • Initial DEX Offering on launchpads
  • Token Generation Event on Pancake Swap
  • Public Pirate sales on DApp
  • Public Ship sales on DApp

Q3 2022

  • Initial Game Release
  • Sail to Earn and $GEM Hunt
  • PVP Pirate Battle
  • Islands open for exploration and hunting
  • In-Game Asset Factions & Upgrades
  • Cursed Ship smart contract deployed
  • Cursed Ship and robbing mechanics introduced
  • Ship attribute upgrade and improvement with resources
  • Game Content & Improvement
  • PVP Ship Battle
  • In-Game lending & Shadow Banks launch
  • Future contracts to hedge token risks
  • Global rankings (Player levels, fleet winning streak, etc.)

Q4 2022

  • Game Content & Improvement
  • Map to special Islands
  • New game items introduced
  • Social alliance with friends
  • Daily quests
  • Land Ownership in MetaBays
  • Island sales and bidding