Pirate + Ship =
$$ Sail To Earn $$

$GEM Hunt | Battle | Autopilot Game

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$GEM Hunt GameFi on BSC

Discover the 7-Seas in MetaBays, the islands with great natural reserves.
Treasure Hunt, Loot, Defend your treasure, Pay tax to skip the defense
Earn $GEMs tokens by sailing your pirates to different islands and treasure hunt for the natural reserves





$GEM Hunt


Autopilot Game

Gem Hunt

With a Ship and Pirate, you can sail to different islands and look for $GEMs tokens! While on your way, you may also find $sGEM (Gems of Sea) during your trip to the island. Use $GEMs to upgrade your fleet!



Rob another Ship’s treasure! Curse Ships are special Ships that can attack other Pirates when they are on the way back from gem hunts. ARRRR!

Defend Your $GEMs

For honor and for bounty! When players are robbed, they can battle in PVP with the challenger cursed Ships. Winner keeps most $GEMs!

Idle Game

Players can choose to set the game on autopilot, where gem hunts and battles will be automatically completed. Sit back and relax. The downside of convenience? Players have to pay a tax to cursed Ships that are battling you manually.


Tokens & Assets







Q1 2022

  • DApp Launch (Feb 2022)
  • Connect Wallet - connect Binance Smart Chain compatible wallets
  • Claim NFTs - claim purchased loot box
  • My NFTs - view collections owned
  • Mobile App Version
  • Game Asset Activity (Feb 2022)
  • Pirates smart contract deployed on Binance Smart Chain
  • Pirates from loot box minted
  • Security audit on token and smart contract
  • Structural Revamp (Mar 2022)
  • Marketing materials and message revamp
  • Social channels revamp
  • Events and timeline revamp

Q2 2022

  • Alpha Game (Apr 2022)
  • PVP Pirate battle gameplay
  • Fully clickable turn based gameplay
  • Alpha game live on Binance Smart Chain
  • Pre-Game Token & NFT Sales
  • Initial DEX Offering on launchpads
  • Token Generation Event on Pancake Swap
  • Public Pirate sales on DApp
  • Public Ship sales on DApp

Q3 2022

  • Initial Game Release
  • Sail to Earn and $GEM Hunt
  • PVP Pirate Battle
  • Islands open for exploration and hunting
  • In-Game Asset Factions & Upgrades
  • Cursed Ship smart contract deployed
  • Cursed Ship and robbing mechanics introduced
  • Ship attribute upgrade and improvement with resources
  • Game Content & Improvement
  • PVP Ship Battle
  • In-Game lending & Shadow Banks launch
  • Future contracts to hedge token risks
  • Global rankings (Player levels, fleet winning streak, etc.)

Q4 2022

  • Game Content & Improvement
  • Map to special Islands
  • New game items introduced
  • Social alliance with friends
  • Daily quests
  • Land Ownership in MetaBays
  • Island sales and bidding